Data Entry / Indexing

Validata is uniquely positioned to serve US companies who have rigorous data entry requirements, especially those requiring a domain-specific (e.g., financial services, insurance) knowledge. Unlike India or China-based outsourcing providers, whose staff typically speak English as a "second language" and possess only a rote understanding of industry terminology, our highly skilled personnel are selected on a per-project basis, depending on their knowledge of a particular clients core business, data entry/indexing needs, and command of related terminology.

Industry analysts estimate that over 25% of the US labor force is now of Hispanic origins. As the US Hispanic population continues to grow (~2.1MM per year), corporations will be required to provide insurance applications, financial service forms, training materials, and other internal documents in both Spanish and English. Data entry/indexing for such can prove both costly and time-consuming for English-speaking staff, as can the need to relegate data entry to onshore business process providers. Validata holds over 16 years of experience in bilingual forms processing, and as a nearshore BPO provider, strategically positioned to help US companies in this multilingual document migration process.

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